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Project Description

This is an embeddable LISP interpreter, allowing for dynamic evaluation of strings containing LISP expressions. We have used this as a mechanism to provide in-the-field-modifiable business logic for certain applications.

It's based on a state-machine-based parser which converts strings into LISP expressions, and evaluates a value.

There is an example project and a test project provided in the source code, showing how to use the evaluator libraries.

Here is an implementation of the Newton's iterative method for computing square roots

        public static void TestSqrt()
            var lispProgram = new [ ]
                                  "(setq epsilon 1e-14)",
                                  "(defun sqrt-iter (guess x) (if (good-enough? guess x) guess (sqrt-iter (improve guess x) x)))",
                                  "(defun improve (guess x) (average guess (/ x guess)))", 
                                  "(defun average (x y) (/ (+ x y) 2))",
                                  "(defun abs (x) (if (< x 0) (- x) x))",
                                  "(defun square (x) (* x x))",
                                  "(defun good-enough? (guess x) (< (abs (- (square guess) x)) epsilon))",
                                  "(defun sqrt (x) (sqrt-iter 1.0 x))",

            var interpreter = new Interpreter().Initialize(lispProgram);

            for (var i = 0; i <= 25; i++)
                var root = (double) interpreter.Execute("(sqrt {0})", i);
                var square = (double) interpreter.Execute("(square {0})", root);
                Console.WriteLine("sqrt({0}) = {1}, square(sqrt({0})) = {2}", i, root, square);

The C# code calls the LISP code to do the evaluation, and then prints out the results.

Try it and see it work! :)

Comments, contributions and critique welcome! But don't ask why I need this! If you do, you don't understand LISP at all :)


I wrote this in 2008 when I was putting Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5 through its paces. I've just converted the project to Visual Studio 2010 and run a quick pass of Resharper on it to fix formatting.
There are a few performance issues arising from the approach of using Exceptions as a control-flow mechanism, which I'll get around to fixing when I have some time.


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